About Us

ESK Network is based out of Cambridge, UK with its operational bases in India. It has a number of delivery partners in India and UK and it offers a platform to expedite export and collaboration endeavours between UK and India in the Education, Skill and knowledge sectors.

The emerging Indian market has a huge requirement in knowledge collaboration, skill development and need-based training. ESK Network identifies the relevant qualifications and training programme in UK and eventually brings it to India in collaboration with qualification awarding body or relevant authority.

Thus ESK Network offers a valuable service to its Indian clients by offering them a set of internationally acknowledged quality qualification and/or skill development programme.

ESK Networks work across the levels and offers service to less qualified aspiring students to meddle and senior level management professional as well.

ESK Network also expedites collaboration projects between institutes or organisations of India and UK, where it adds value by managing the operation with mutually agreed delivery goals and minimised risks.


Professional Developments

  • Digital Marketing boot-camps
  • Negotiation techniques - local and global
  • Sales for non-sellers
  • Technology and Solution sales management

Corporate Exercises

  • Team Building
  • Change management
  • Leadership workshop
  • Cross Cultural orientation
  • Effective Communication

Mentoring Programmes

  • Interview and Presentation skill
  • Sales management
  • Marketing for SMEs